Is Your Lawn Receiving Too Much Irrigation?

aqua bright too much irrigationWhen using your irrigation system, you should never overwater your surrounding landscape. Watering your lawn a lot might sound like a good idea, but it is counterproductive and can harm your grass. Here are a few signs that your landscape is receiving too much water.

Fungus Growth On Your Grass 

Over-watering your lawn results in excess moisture over time, which promotes the growth of fungi such as mushrooms and even dead patches that sometimes look like dry patches. These look bad and draw pests to your yard. If you experience these, your grass is probably being over-watered.

Weed Growth 

Having an overwatered lawn also encourages weed development. Again, excessive saturation fosters the ideal conditions for weed growth. This usually causes crabgrass and other weeds to develop.

Your Grass Is Wilting 

Extreme temperatures can cause your grass to become discolored and shriveled up. Oversaturating your lawn can also do the same. If you live in an environment that isn’t as hot but find that your grass is still wilting rapidly, it could stem from your landscape receiving too much water.

Water Runoff

After watering your grass and plants, if you notice water trickling into the street, your soil may no longer be able to retain any moisture. This is yet another indicator that your landscape receives too much irrigation. Using less water within your irrigation system might lessen the likelihood that your lawn experiences any issues. Sometimes the type of soil you have may not allow the water to soak into the ground rapidly. The irrigation professionals at Aqua-Bright can help by altering the cycles that your irrigation runs. 

Your Lawn Is Squishy 

Your grass and soil should feel moist but not spongy after watering. You can inspect your lawn by looking around it for any potential soft spots. The ideal time to do this is at least three to five hours after you’ve finished watering.

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