Irrigation System Design and InstallationAt Aqua-Bright, we install customized lawn irrigation systems for homeowners and businesses in the Maryland and DC area. Aqua-Bright’s underground irrigation systems do the work for you and will be there when you can’t be. We design all of our systems using Hunter Industries irrigation products. Hunter Industries produces high-quality and efficient parts to grow healthy, sustainable landscapes while using less water. Our systems are designed to adjust to weather conditions automatically, so they work at the best times of the year, without water waste. They are easy to use and operate, and we offer a 7-year warranty on all installations that covers parts and labor.

About the Design Process

One of our professional designers will evaluate your landscape and property to determine the optimal irrigation setup for you. They will work to accommodate different sun exposure areas, plants, and trees and develop custom watering schedules for your lawn. You can rest assured that your irrigation system is completely customized to your lawn’s needs. The irrigation controller can be customized to your specific schedule. If you’re going on vacation, you don’t have to worry about making sure your lawn is watered when you’re away. Once the irrigation system is installed, we will teach you how to use everything to avoid any unexpected issues.

Micro Drip System

Micro-Drip Systems

We offer micro-drip irrigation systems that work perfectly for living spaces that do not need a large in-ground irrigation system. Micro-drip systems are great for condos and penthouses with potted plants on the balconies. Easy to operate and low maintenance, our micro-drip systems use the same timers and rain sensors as our larger systems. No longer will you have to hand-water your grass and plants every day.

Maintenance Services

In addition to providing proper instructions once our irrigation systems are installed at our client’s home or business, we offer single-service and seasonal service plans for all of our custom-built systems. If you have a system installed by someone else, we can also provide full service and maintenance plans.

Benefits of Lawn Irrigation Systems

A lawn irrigation system is incredibly beneficial for your landscape. At Aqua-Bright, we design and install custom irrigation systems optimized for your lawn to offer the best quality, consistency, and longevity! Some benefits of a lawn irrigation system include:

  • They are automated to run at optimal times of the day, and throughout the season.
  • A professional irrigation system can improve your home’s property value.
  • An irrigation system puts out the optimal amount of water, so plants, shrubs, and grass are inherently healthier.
  • Soil maintains proper nutrient balance and weeds are reduced.
  • Easy to maintain and, as they are set up to operate automatically, there is often very little needed interaction by the homeowner.

Lawn Irrigation Systems for Your Home

Aqua-Bright offers lawn irrigation systems for your home. Washington DC, DC Metro, Columbia, Howard County, Montgomery County, Annapolis, Anne Arundel County. Call for more details.

Outdoor Lighting for Your Home

Aqua-Bright outdoor lighting, outdoor illumination for your home. Washington DC, DC Metro, Columbia, Howard County, Montgomery County, Annapolis, Anne Arundel County. Call today!