Commercial Lawn Sprinkler Start Ups

Commercial Lawn Sprinkler Start UpsWhen you have your commercial sprinkler system installed by a professional, you will likely need to start up your system each spring. A spring start-up of your commercial lawn sprinkler system will uncover any problems that might have developed over the winter and get your sprinklers into good working order. You can expect a thorough inspection and adjustment of your lawn sprinkler system each spring.

Clean Sprinkler Heads

When overgrown grass or other debris blocks the sprinkler heads, they won’t be able to water your lawn correctly. Our professionals clear away debris and clean off the heads to ensure they function as they should. Keeping sprinkler heads clean expands their life by stopping the seals from wearing out prematurely.

Check for Leaks

We will start up your commercial irrigation system and test for leaks at the beginning of the season. Leaks usually originate from a broken sprinkler head or cracked water line. One leaky sprinkler head can waste gallons of water and leave you with a high water bill. Catching these leaks early can save your lawn – and your wallet!

Make Necessary Adjustments

Spring start-ups are essential for making any adjustments to the irrigation system. When you call Aqua-Bright for maintenance, we will perform zone adjustments, like inspecting the mainline and sprinkler heads, testing rain sensors, and programming controllers. These adjustments ensure your irrigation system will work perfectly throughout the year.

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