Follow These Five Tips To Improve The Grass On Your Landscape

With the right amount of work, your lawn can be the greatest asset to the surrounding landscape of your home. Different factors like location and climate also significantly affect how your grass grows. It would be wise to work on the soil your grass is growing on. Compacted soil can be problematic for grass and is just one of many issues to avoid. Keep reading for more tips on improving your lawn’s overall health.

Aqua Bright Grass Tips

Follow these five tips to improve the health of your grass.

Eliminate Thatch From Your Grass

Thatch is harmful to the development of your lawn. It is a layer(s) of grass and roots that have grown on the surface of your soil. The thicker the patches grow, the more air gets restricted, and other vital elements like water and nutrients cannot reach the soil. A sign of thatch is that your grass has a low drought tolerance. Your lawn will also attract more pests and other disease issues. You can rake thatch away with preferably a steel-like rake. For extreme cases, you might need to use a dethatching machine for removal.

Aeration For Your Grass

Aerating your lawn is arguably one of the most beneficial things you can do for your landscape. Doing this for your yard can prevent issues with compacted soil. Aeration involves placing holes in the ground about three to five inches deep. These holes allow for better air circulation for your grass to grow. They also aid in the distribution of water and nutrients to your grass. Aeration also helps with the drainage flow as well. 

Raise Cutting Height Of Lawn Mower

Cutting your grass too low can be hazardous for the health of your lawn. Raising your lawn mower’s height is a straightforward trick to improve lawn health. The grassroots often grow as deep as the height of your blades. It would be wise not to cut your grass lower than two inches to combat heat and drought issues.

Fertilize Your Grass

Applying fertilizer to your lawn is a great way to enhance your yard and surrounding landscape. Natural fertilizing options are more environmentally friendly, and they are also more effective than synthetic fertilizers. Research conducted by the Austin Watershed Protection & Development Review Department and Texas A&M University found that natural and organic fertilizers can make your lawn healthier than synthetic products.

Invest in an Irrigation System

Irrigation systems are a great way to combat and prevent any issues with your lawn. These systems prevent disease and weeds from popping up within your grass. With a sprinkler system, uneven watering is a thing of the past, as the areas that need irrigation the most will receive it. An irrigation system supports lawns that have a luxurious look and feel. 

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