Here Are Some Common Causes Of LED Failure

Aqua Bright LED Failure

Be on the lookout for these harmful signs.

In previous blogs, we covered the many benefits of LED lighting for outdoor spaces. These lights have built their reputation on being energy-efficient, durable, and providing significant light. However, there are times when you might experience issues with your LEDs, like an abrupt failure. If you have experienced this, there could be a few reasons why. Listed in this blog are some reasons why your LEDs stop working.

Extreme Temperatures

LEDs must be appropriately installed to function in hot and cold temperatures. These lights are known for being negatively impacted when exposed to extreme temperatures. If your lights are not working, they could be placed too tight within your fixture. If there is no space for air to escape, heat from the lighting will begin to harm the LED, causing it to fail prematurely. Your lights should be installed with a heat sink to allow hot air to escape while conserving the life of your bulb.

Issues Within The Bulb

On occasion, LED lights can have design or manufacturing issues. For example, these issues can range anywhere from structural flaws within the bulb to wiring issues. That is why you should rely on the knowledgeable and helpful staff at Aqua-Bright when getting your LED lighting installed.

Your Driver Is Damaged

The electronic component that controls the amount of power allowed into the LED bulb is known as the LED driver. One of its primary duties is to convert AC electricity to DC and protect your bulb from power surges. If the driver fails by allowing too much power to get through, the bulb will be entirely burned out.

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