Four Reasons Why Your Sprinkler Head Isn’t Working Properly


Learn why your sprinkler head might not be working.

A sprinkler system is an excellent way to guarantee that the landscape and grass around your home receive the water it requires to remain lush and green. However, one or more of your sprinkler heads may stop working over time. On average, experts suggest that a sprinkler head typically lasts up to 10 years, but several factors can play a role in your sprinkler heads not functioning correctly. In this blog are some common signs your sprinkler heads are broken.

Your Spray Heads Are Broken

Sprinkler heads can become damaged with normal wear and tear. Sprinkler heads that are damaged will most likely not deploy whenever the sprinkler system is turned on. Keep in mind that sprinkler heads that are cracked or broken cannot be repaired and must be replaced with an entirely new unit.

Your Nozzles Become Clogged

The nozzles should spin as water comes through them, but the sprinkler head will not revolve if it’s blocked. Cleaning debris from your nozzles can prevent them from being packed with dirt and other harmful elements.

Your Water Pressure Is Insufficient

Another typical reason sprinkler heads fail to pop up is insufficient water pressure within the sprinkler system. Even if your sprinklers are correctly installed, and the water flow is too low, they will likely have issues correctly inflating due to the low water pressure.

There Is A Damaged Sprinkler Line

A broken line can happen in a few unexpected ways. There could be the pressure that has been applied by compacting soil. Or there can be tree roots growing and interfering with your lines underground. 

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