Using Step Lighting To Increase Your Home's Safety

Step Lighting

Step lighting helps to protect your family and guests from slips and falls, especially during the icy winter.

Outdoor step lighting is more often than not referred to as a form of safety lighting. This is because step lighting functions by guiding someone safely down steps while highlighting a safe path. If you cannot see where you are going at night, particularly on treacherous or uneven ground, this can lead to falls and potentially serious injuries. This is especially true for the elderly, who often have issues seeing in the dark. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering step lighting.

Lessen Glare With Step Lighting

In order to have the most effective step lighting possible glare must be considered. Glare is very harsh, bright, dazzling, and can potentially discombobulate people and make it impossible for them to see. Glare actually diminishes proper vision by drawing your eye toward the light instead of where it needs to be focused, on uneven surfaces. Step lighting fixtures must illuminate while minimizing glare. If you have a property that falls back significantly from the glow of street lamps, a lot of potentially dangerous uneven ground, or simply want to make sure that your property is accessible and safe for loved ones and guests of all ages, step lighting is an excellent solution.  

Options For Outdoor Step Lighting

There are a vast number of options when it comes to outdoor step lighting. These include both the tremendous advancements in LED lighting, which have caused the options to become much more diverse over recent years. However, there are certain types of lighting to avoid, as no two of them are exactly the same and offer the same pros and cons for various applications. In-step brick lights, for example, are generally not recommended by professionals for step lights as they can create an unsafe amount of unpleasant glare.  LED linear lights, on the other hand, which have the ability to fit unobtrusively under the lip of any step, are an excellent step lighting solution. The linear design does an excellent job at minimizing glare while simultaneously lighting up the whole entire step for maximum safety.  

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