Five Signs That Your Lawn Is Receiving Too Much Irrigation

When using an irrigation system, it is essential to keep in mind that you should never overwater your surrounding landscape. As the adage goes, too much of anything is bad for you. The same applies to watering your lawn. Watering your lawn a lot might sound like a good idea, but it is counterproductive and can harm your grass. Here are a few signs that your landscape is receiving too much water.


Follow these helpful tips.

Fungus Accumulation

Over extended periods, overwatering leads to excess moisture that causes the appearance growth of mushroom-like fungi. These attract pests to your lawn and are unsightly. If you encounter these, it is likely because you are overwatering your lawn. Using your irrigation system in moderation is the best way to use the system.

Weeds Appear On Your Lawn

Overwatering your lawn also causes weed growth as well. Again too much saturation creates the perfect environment for weeds to flourish. Crabgrass and other types of weeds generally appear as a result of this.

Too Much Irrigation Can Wilt Away Grass

Sweltering temperatures can cause your surrounding grass to become discolored and shriveled up. Oversaturating your lawn can also surprisingly lead to your grass wilting away. If you live in an environment that isn’t as hot but find that your grass is still dying, it could stem from too much water within your landscape.

Your Lawn Has A Squishy Feel

After watering, your grass and soil should feel wet without a spongy-like feel. You can walk around your grass to check for areas that might feel spongy. Ideally, you should check for this at least three to five hours after you’ve completed your watering.

You Experience Water Runoff

Finally, if you find water trickling into the street after watering your grass and plants, it could be that your soil is unable to retain any more moisture. This is also another telltale sign that your landscape is oversaturated. Conserving water with your irrigation system can help reduce the chances that your lawn is afflicted with any of these particular issues.

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