Outdoor Lighting Can Transform Your Yard into a Winter Wonderland

outdoor lighting can turn your home into a winter wonderlandThe short days and cold weather make the winter landscape a barren waste, except for when it’s graced by snow. The winter nights however, almost twinkle and sparkle in the sharp cold air. Take advantage of the longer nights and really up your outdoor lighting game to turn your yard into a winter wonderland.

Make an Enchanted Pathway

You can use outdoor lighting to make an enchanting pathway to your home during the winter.
If you have a fence, trellises, or archways for planting in the spring and summer you can cover them in string lighting in the winter to turn them into a tunnel of light.
If you don’t want something as dramatic as a tunnel of light you can use smaller path lighting. By altering the height at which you place your path lights, and having them well spaced along your walk ways, you can give an air of mystery and whimsy while still providing light.
Another option is to light the path from above with a cool bluish light, this is called moonlighting, and will make you feel like you’re walking under a bright blue moon every night.
All of these path lighting concepts will brighten your yard with whimsy and enchantment, and, more practically, help lead guests up the correct path to your home, so they avoid tripping on, or damaging, landscaping.

Highlight Landscaping and Architectural Features

Using outdoor lighting to highlight landscaping and architectural features can make them more dynamic and striking at night then they are in sunlight.
Uplighting is a common technique in outdoor light landscaping in which you put a spot light low to the ground and point it up at the object you’re lighting. It provides a dramatic and dynamic lighting of the object and creates interesting shadows. If you’re uplighting a manmade object, such as a statue or architectural feature use a warm colored light. For trees and other natural objects use cool lighting, as the cool lighting colors are actually closer to sunlight.
Hanging lights can be used to light an entire area from above. This is a good effect for patios and decks, as with lighting from above people don’t get the glare of lights in their eyes at eye level.
If you have any hardscaping, lighting can be installed directly into, either to project from the sides, up, or down. Lighting your hardscaping allows you to get the most of what you paid for and appreciate it day-in and day-out year round.

Brighten Your Yard with Aqua Bright

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