Helpful Tips For Safely Taking Down Holiday Lighting

As the Christmas season closes, many people plan to take down their holiday light displays and store them away until next year. When it is time to remove your lights, you’ll want to ensure that the operation is done safely. The following suggestions should make the procedure less stressful overall.

Aqua Bright Holiday Lighting

Use these tips for removing your holiday lighting.

Make Sure Weather Conditions Are Favorable

Keep an eye on the forecast. If there’s a lot of wind, rain, or snow, you’re better off just waiting for another day. This is a particularly injury-prone time of year, as many people fall or trip while taking down lights due to bad weather.

Take Down Your Lights During The Day

While you might want to see the lights shine one more time at night, it’s better to accomplish this during daylight hours. Furthermore, ensure all your lights are unplugged before you take them down to ensure safety

Dress For The Occasion

You’ll need some protective equipment if you remove lights from your roof. The materials along your roof lines are harsh and often have jagged edges with rough textures. You can avoid cuts and scrapes by wearing protective gear like gloves and boosts.

Get An Extra Set Of Hands For The Job

Having some help will make taking down lights much more straightforward and safer. It’s always beneficial to have someone who can help spot a ladder and catch things if they fall, as well as a second pair of eyes to see any potential dangers.

Correctly Put Away Your Holiday Lighting 

Once you’ve taken down your lights, ensure they are in working condition and place them safely in a storage container. Keep them somewhere that children and pets won’t be able to get into. If you don’t have the time or the personal equipment to take down holiday lights, reach out to Aqua-Bright to get the job done quickly while alleviating a ton of stress.

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