Consider These Helpful Maintenance Tips For Your Irrigation System

aqua bright irrigation system maintenance

These maintenance tips can extend the life of your irrigation system.

Over time, general wear and tear, age, poor installation, broken parts, regular use, and a variety of other variables can cause damage to your irrigation system. On the other hand, regular maintenance can extend your system’s life. By doing so, you can ensure that it continues to perform at an optimal level throughout the year. Listed below are four practical maintenance ideas to keep your irrigation system in good condition.

Be Sure To Inspect Your Sprinkler Heads

Damaged and missing sprinkler heads that are missing or broken can cause your lawn irrigation system to leak and distribute water unevenly across your grass. When water from your sprinklers is not distributed evenly between cycles, it can cause dry and wet spots due to excess and under-watering. As a result, this can negatively impact the appearance of your grass. Check your sprinkler heads to see whether they’ve been tilted or spraying at the proper angle.

Check For Leaks Within Your System

A leaking irrigation system is the last thing you want or need. So, it is critical to inspect your system for leaks regularly. Early detection of irrigation system leakage can help protect your grass while avoiding costly water bills and repair or replacement costs. Leaks are essential to check for because they can lead to increased water bills, low water pressure, and dry spots in your yard.

Examine Your Water Pressure

Another critical aspect of maintaining your lawn irrigation system is regularly checking the water pressure settings. This is very critical when first running your system. The optimal pressure range for your lawn irrigation system should range between 40 to 65 PSI.

Flush Your Irrigation System To Remove Debris

Flushing your irrigation system is essential for maintenance, especially at the start of the season. Flushing your system prevents dirt and debris from accumulating and blocking your nozzles.

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