Four Common Residential Irrigation Systems

In previous blogs, we have covered the importance of how an irrigation system is great to have for residential and commercial properties. These systems play an integral role in maintaining the health of your landscape and your home’s curb appeal. When choosing irrigation systems, you have options available. Here are four different types of irrigation systems that you should know.


You have options when shopping for an irrigation system.

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

With sprinkler systems, water sprays out overhead to your lawn instead of to your roots. It occurs in the general form of a downpour. These systems allow you to water significant areas in less time. As a result, they are cost-effective and great for those with gardens. Overall, sprinkler systems are the easiest and most versatile to maintain. They can also be placed anywhere in your surrounding landscape.

Drip Irrigation

These particular systems gradually source water for your landscape. Over time, this system provides water directly to your roots. Irrigation systems allow you also to conserve water as well. Irrigation systems use the least amount of water and prevent evaporation because they are installed underground. These systems can also help improve the appearance of your lawn by reducing the appearance of weeds. Drip systems also help prevent soil erosion and water runoff.

Surface Irrigation Systems

Surface irrigation systems hydrate your landscape above the soil. These systems work by using gravity and the form of your landscape to provide water to your lawn. As a result, your land allows for even distribution to all areas. These systems are inexpensive and lack sophistication, but they are effective.

Subsurface Irrigation Systems

These systems are similar to drip systems, as subsurface systems distribute water through tubes underground. These systems use low water pressure at a lesser rate. As a result, you can also save more on your utility bills. These systems also require less maintenance than typical surface systems.

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