What’s Cool About Sprinklers?

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Watering your lawn can be a hassle, so why not invest in sprinklers.

Saving time, energy, and money is something that everyone is trying to do. When it comes to landscaping, the benefits of irrigation and using an automated sprinkler system cannot be ignored and maybe one of the greatest investments a person can make. Hand watering a lawn is inefficient and time consuming. Creating beautiful landscapes does not have to hard work and can be done efficiently with proper lawn irrigation and sprinkler system in place.

Benefits of irrigation and sprinkler systems


  • Saving water – Having a sprinkler system in place allows you to control the proper amount of water that is needed. This avoids over-watering and ensures that every drop is being put to use.  This helps lower water bills and can help avoid water supply problems such as droughts.
  • Time management – Hand-watering your lawn may not seem like too much work but in reality it wastes time and energy. The average lawn requires to be watered two to three times a week on average; with watering season lasting 30 weeks that adds up to 180 hours of time spent watering the lawn. With summer comes vacations and time away from home and who will be there to do the watering? Aqua-Bright’s underground irrigation systems do the work for you, and will be there when you can’t be.


  • Saving money – Saving on time and waters bills directly translates to saving money. Sprinkler irrigation systems have the benefit of being cost-effective. Making sure you are not wasting water and allowing you to spend time enjoying your yard instead of watering it. Having a well-maintained yard increase property value as well.

Lawn irrigation systems provide an efficient way of conserving time, money, and water while increasing the value and health of your lawn.  Allowing for a healthy and beautiful yard that can be enjoyed by friends and family while also raising the overall value of the property. An underground sprinkler systems does the work for you and provides savings through the process.

Need help with setting up a sprinkler and irrigation system?

The experts at Aqua-Bright are here to help.
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