Welcome to Spring! Now it's time to prepare your lawn!

Irrigation systems, installation and maintenance plans in Howard County

One of our AquaBright Teams installing an underground irrigation system for a home in Howard County, MD

As the spring season has officially begun, now is a great time to begin preparing your lawn for the warmer weather ahead.  The most important aspect of maintaining your lawn’s health and appearance is proper hydration, and a professional irrigation system proves ever so beneficial throughout the spring and summer months.

Droughts Are the Most Common Enemy

While 2018 was certainly a record year for rainfall, too much water can be detrimental to your lawn.  And, much like excessive mowing, the grass can more easily be prone to drying out and burning in the hot sun.  Fertilizing can do even worse damage in the summer sun, primarily due to the chemicals typically used; the combination tied with heat can potentially burn your landscape.
A mulching mower can evenly distribute grass clippings around your property, providing nutrients.  If you’ve planned accordingly and have the proper lawn irrigation system installed, you’ll be the safest against having to take these measures when the weather gets really scorching.

The Dangers of Too Much Watering

Although the proper amount of water is always beneficial to maintaining the vibrant luster of your lawn, there is definitely a danger in overdoing it. Not only is dry grass easier to manage and monitor in the hot weather, over-watering can inadvertently deprive the grass’ roots of oxygen, leaving the lawn vulnerable to disease and damage. However, as long as your lawn irrigation system is accurately distributing water deep into the soil, as opposed to merely soaking the top layers with too much water, the lawn will remain healthy and beautiful even in the harshest conditions.

Lawn Irrigation Systems from Aqua Bright

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