String Lighting, the Perfect Idea for Summer Entertaining

String lanterns

As a creative alternative, string lights come in all styles and variations.

String lighting can be most associated with the soft sights and sounds of Christmas or creating an environment for Halloween. String light can be used as a permanent installation in your yard more than just once a year. A cost-efficient option, string lights are fun and can make your landscape unique. Read on about how to use string lights to create the perfect lighting for summer.

They Are Whimsical
String lights can be whimsical and romantic outdoors. If you are planning an evening party,
stringing lights can provide and intimate lighting that makes people comfortable without
overwhelming them with light. If you are looking to light your patio, string lights can be an
intimate way to do it, providing a soft and fun atmosphere. Keep your guests entertained well
into the night with the freedom string lighting provides and meanwhile shed light on the yard you
work so hard all year to cultivate.
They are Quality
String lights that are used for outdoors are significantly heavier, bigger and altogether different
from lights you may put on your tree or even your porch during the holidays. These lights are
high quality and durable enough to withstand many types of weather and last for years.
Professional grade strings are thick with a strong cord and are also double sealed with fuse bulb
technology and this ensures that the lights will stay lit even if one or even two happen to wink
Commercial Entertaining
If you have a business that is often frequented during the summer, string lights can be a great
outdoor lighting choice. Whether it is outdoor seating at a cafe or a back patio at a bar, string
lighting is intimate but illuminates an area well. If you are looking for a way to bring ambiance to
your business consider using these in a store window, or surrounding a seating area. Keep in
mind that a business that uses string lighting need to purchase more durable lights.
Beautiful Outdoor Lighting from Aqua Bright
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