Spooky and Fun Halloween Lighting Tips

halloween lighting

Decorate your home this Halloween with some funky pumpkin string lights.

Halloween is fast approaching, so if you haven’t already started making your yard scream-worthy, now is the time! Many innovations in outdoor lighting have made decorating for Halloween fun, easy, and low-cost. Here are a few Halloween lighting tips to make your home scary enough to give trick-or-treaters a thrill without sinking a ton of money into your energy bill.


Lining your driveways, sidewalks, and walkways with luminaries not only makes your home more more accessible to trick or treaters, but will give it a spooky ambiance. Luminaries set at ground level will help cast a shadow of any critters or ghosts that pass by. You can make your own luminaries out of inexpensive household products such as empty cans or brown paper bags.

String Lighting

There’s something for every budget when it comes to festive string lighting. You can find funky pumpkins, skeletons, zombies etc. or simply opt for spooky colors like black, purple, dark blue, and orange. One thing you can do is to direct dark blue lights toward your house to create a spooky moonlit glow.

Take Advantage of Shadows

The key to creating that spooky vibe with Halloween is taking advantage of shadows. Flood lights can be used to cast a large light pattern over a wide area, whereas more narrow spotlights should be used to highlight individual props like tombstones and skeletons. Also keep in mind that the closer the light source is, the softer the light, which is typically better for creating a spooky look.

Pumpkins and Spider Webs

Halloween is never truly completely without an old-fashioned jack-o’-lantern to spook up your porch. Pumpkin carving is easy if you use a stencil to edge out the design you want beforehand. After you’ve carved it out, fill it with a tealight candle or battery operated light to give it that eerie glow. Lighting up fake cobwebs is another way to make your porch scary. Anchor the webs across objects using a rope and illuminate it with spooky LED’s. Dark purple or bright white iridescence are the best choices for lighting up spider webs.

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