Need More Security? Outdoor Lighting Factors to Consider

outdoor lighting in maryland

Outdoor lighting highlights your homes best features while simultaneously warding off potential intruders.

Outdoor lighting is a great way to increase home security and curb appeal in Maryland and nationwide – especially in the winter months when there is less daylight. The more well-lit your home is, the less likely an intruder is to try and invade your property (for fear that they will be seen and caught). When you are considering outdoor lighting, you have several options regarding style and functionality. Let the experts here at Aqua-Bright fill you in on some factors to consider when deciding what type of outdoor lighting is best suited for your security needs.

Outdoor Lighting: Variety

When you are designing your outdoor lighting, it can be great to implement different types of lights. For increased security, a good mixture of high mounted floodlights and smaller lights is best. The high mounted floodlights allow for broad illumination of your home, highlighting its best features. The smaller lights assist in illuminating walkways and entryways. The combination of the two will make your outdoor lighting scheme feel more comprehensive.

Durable Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Your outdoor lights need to be designed to withstand inclement weather. Make sure the outdoor lighting fixtures you choose are rated for outdoor use and durability. Lighting fixtures meant for covered outdoor porches should be rated for dampness, while other outdoor fixtures should be completely weatherproof.

Outdoor Lighting Activation Options

How do you want to activate your outdoor lighting for maximum security? A manual switch is the most common, inexpensive option. However, if you do not want to deal with the hassle of turning your outdoor lights off and on by hand every day – consider timed security lights. You can program these outdoor lights to turn off and on at the same time every day, regardless of if you are home. They are a great option if you travel out of town often or want to regulate the energy use of the lights. Motion detectors can also be attached to security lighting, activating the light whenever motion is detected in your space.

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