The Proper Maintenance for Your Outdoor Lighting

Create a Mood with Outdoor String Lighting

Outdoor lighting can bring years of enjoyment if they are properly maintained.

There are plenty of reasons why it is a good idea to add functional outdoor lighting to your home. In fact, even if you are opting for including landscape lighting in your outdoor design, you will find there are benefits you hadn’t even thought of. The right choice in outdoor lighting can become part of the landscaping. It will help to highlight aspects of your landscaping design or garden while also offering the right aesthetics for you. Highlight details like certain trees or even added water features like a pond or waterfall. To really make it customized to your unique style, consider mood lighting, or lighting you can dim depending on the atmosphere you want to create.
Step By Step Guide

  • The first step in maintaining landscape lighting is to cut back any plants, shrubs or trees that are on the fixture, too close to the fixture or blocking the light.
  • Remove debris from your light fixtures. This may include mud, dirt, fallen leaves or debris left from insects. This can improve illumination.
  • Check each of your landscape lighting fixtures for broken lenses, dented metal, corrosion or other damage. You may need to order parts or replace some of your fixtures if damage is present.
  • Many homeowners are now opting for LED landscape lighting, which virtually negates the need for changing bulbs. However, if you have older styles of light or your LEDs are not shining quite as bright as they used to, you may need to periodically replace some bulbs.
  • Clean the glass on your outdoor lights, clean any metal or plastic components. You can likely accomplish this with a soft rag and soapy water.
  • Once the metal and plastic components are clean, it is time to clean the glass lenses. You may be able to do this with water and a soft cloth or soapy water and a soft cloth.

Eco-Friendly Lighting
There are plenty of options available for energy-efficient lighting choices when designing your landscape lighting. This works out in your favor for two great reasons. For one obviously, you are doing the right and responsible thing you should as a homeowner for helping to protect and preserve the environment. The other bonus to making this wise choice is that it means less money on your monthly utility bills. So, the money you invest in your lighting will at least be much kinder to your monthly utility bills.
Beautiful Outdoor Lighting with Aqua Bright
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