Outdoor Lighting Tips To Increase Curb Appeal

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Take a look at these outdoor lighting tips to increase curb appeal!

Have you ever looked at your landscaping and thought there was something missing, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it? It’s very likely that the one piece that would really complete the puzzle is outdoor lighting. Lighting is often neglected when planning a landscaped yard, but it is an essential addition to any successful project. It may not seem like it, but there are actually tons of options for outdoor lighting, even some that you might not think of. Getting creative with this aspect of outdoor design allows you to be creative and to express yourself, albeit in a subtle way. Here are some ways that you can use outdoor lighting to really spruce up your curb appeal.

Pendant Lighting

This style of lighting has been around for a while, but there are always ways to modernize this trusty standby. Pendant lights can really bring a focal point to an outdoor space, and can illuminate areas that are difficult to reach by other more traditional lighting methods. Tried and true, pendant lights look great in almost any space.

String Lighting

String lights aren’t just for the holiday season; they are great if you are looking for a quick and easy way to illuminate an area. They are also really easy to install or move, so they can provide a temporary solution for your lighting needs. Clean and simple, string lights can liven up almost any space, indoor or outdoor.  

Front Door Lighting

An often neglected area of the outside of the home is the front door. The front door is really the centerpiece of your home, and your curb appeal really depends on its appearance. A great way to enhance the look of your front door is to add some lighting. This way, in the evening, your eye is drawn to the focal point of your house first. Aside from making your house look great, front door lighting is super convenient when you’re digging around in your bag for your house keys.

Post Lighting

Whether they are short or tall, post lights are a great way to liven up your yard. They are suitable for any outdoor space, big or small. Line a walkway with traditional solar lamps or get funky with some tiki torches! Post lighting is a great way that you can express yourself in any season.

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