Irrigating Your Garden

hand water your lawn irrigation
There are many elements to properly irrigate your garden during the summer months.

How does your garden grow? If it grows patchy, unruly, soggy, or dry, you might need a little help with your irrigation system! An irrigation system doesn’t need to be a complicated ordeal and you can totally get started over the long weekend today! Here are some of our best tips for properly irrigating your garden.

Properly Arrange Your Garden

First things first, arrange your flower beds and garden with irrigation in mind. Passageways and dramatic swoops can look beautifully appealing from far away, but if your plants aren’t properly irrigated, nobody will notice anyways! Line your beds in just one or two directions at a time so that irrigation is much simpler. When you start planting at the beginning of the year, keep future irrigation in mind.

Keeping Things Simple

There are countless irrigation systems on the market with varying degrees of efficacy and ease of use. Unless you are a master gardener or very familiar with the concept of irrigation, keep it simple. Your irrigation system should contain:  A main water line, or hose, that takes water from the source to your garden or landscaping  An irrigation line (or more) that takes the water from the main water line and distributes it throughout the garden  Water emitters that are small sprinklers along the length of the garden, used to help out plants that need more water than the rest  Connections that help to join the main water line and various irrigation lines at the joints throughout your flower or vegetable garden beds  Filters and valves along the length of the tubing to help prevent clogs before they occur (particularly important if your garden water comes from a lake or pond)  Timers to turn on and off the irrigation system so that you never need to worry about whether your plants are being properly watered.  

Maintain It!

Now that the hard part is over, it’s time to take care of your garden irrigation system. Check the filter on a regular basis to make sure everything is flowing properly. Check the soil around your plants to make sure that you are giving everything the perfect amount of water.

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