Have you Put Together your Outdoor Lighting for the Fourth?


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Happy Independence Day!

The Fourth of July is probably the biggest event of the summer. So, have you gotten your outdoor lighting together for your big Independence Day party? If you haven’t, or you’re just looking for a few more ideas, then get ready because we’re going to be talking about some today. Let’s get going!

Show your colors.

One of the easiest and clearest ways to decorate for the Fourth is using the colors red, white, and blue. This could be done using outdoor lighting to create a very festive effect. Now, to create the color, you have some options. You can either invest in red, white, and blue bulbs for your fixtures or use color filters. The color filters will allow you to use your outdoor lighting year round without any restrictions. You could even make them orange, purple, and black for Halloween. Investing in outdoor lighting is great for all seasons, so make sure to make the most of yours.

Create a fireworks scene.

Before the fireworks really get going, you can show off your design skills with some awesome outdoor lighting. Choosing a location for your design is essential, so think about the space above a table or an arch way.  To make the outdoor lighting look like fireworks, you can try two different things. The first is by hanging string lights in a grouping. If you place them properly, you can create the effect of a small burst of fireworks. Another option you can  try is placing a filter over a normal light in the shape of some fireworks. Either option, or even both, are sure to set a lovely and lively tone.

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