Fun Christmas Lighting Ideas


Let Aqua-Bright take the hassle out of putting up Christmas lighting this year.

We’ve spent some time going over tips for safe holiday lighting and how to fix your old christmas lights, surely by now you’re ready to get started on your holiday light display? If you’re a novice or are still looking for inspiration, consider some of these awesome Christmas lighting ideas.

  • Classic style lighting. There’s nothing wrong with going traditional style with your holiday light display. Stick to the basics like oversized bulbs, lots of garland, and twinkling window candles. Finish off with a few big red bows and you’re all set.
  • Winter wonderland. Does your household have a Frozen fangirl or fanboy? Consider mount white and blue string lights and beautifully sparkling icicle lights from your roof and along your fencing. If you’re expecting snow this holiday season, this is perhaps the most beautiful lighting arrangement you can go for.
  • Candy cane sweets. Candy canes are everyone’s favorite holiday treat and perfect for Christmas decorating inspiration. You can spiral red and white or red and green lights around fence posts, trees, and window treatments.
  • Santa’s workshop. Transform your yard into Santa’s workshop with a variety of wacky Christmas-themed light fixtures. Whether it’s Elves, Santa, reindeer or Frosty the snowman, this kind of Christmas lighting is sure to bring joy to family — especially the young ones.
  • Light-up wreaths. Wreaths are a great way to add some holiday lighting to your yard while sticking to a budget and avoiding some of the hassle. Light-up wreaths are very easy to install and you can put them just about anywhere.
  • Trees that sparkle. If you have a lot of trees in your yard, don’t let them get in the way of putting up some beautiful holiday lighting. Use them to your advantage! You can light up your yard like the night sky by twisting string lights around trunks and all throughout the tree branches. Lights that “breathe” are particularly well suited for lighting up trees.
  • Professional holiday lighting design. If you really want to go all out this holiday season, consider calling in the professionals for your holiday lighting needs. Aqua-Bright can help you design a Christmas light display that knocks the socks off your visitors!

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