Four Myths Related To LED Lighting

Aqua Bright LED Common Myths

LED lighting has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. This lighting technology offers numerous benefits for any property. However, myths about LED lighting have also emerged with its popularity. It’s important to separate fact from fiction and better understand some of the most common misconceptions surrounding LED lights. Here are some common misconceptions you might hear about LED lighting. 

LED Lighting Is Bad For Your Eyesight

LED lights are considered one of the most popular artificial light sources, and people sometimes worry about their impact on eye health. According to research, LED lights are entirely harmless to your eyes and do not cause damage. On the other hand, blue light exposure for an extended period, such as staring at your phone, laptop, or TV screen before bed, can cause eye twitches and difficulty sleeping. Despite being an artificial light source, LED lights emit less blue light than most electronic devices, making them a safer option for prolonged use.

LED Lighting Last Forever

LED lights are known for their longer lifespan than traditional lighting but have a limited lifespan. On average, these lights can last between five to 20 years, after which they need to be replaced. However, unlike other lights, LED lights maintain their brightness over time. So, while they may not last forever, they still offer excellent value for your investment in longevity and brightness.

LED Lights Don’t Work Well In Cold Weather

It is a common misconception that LED lights do not function appropriately in winter weather conditions. In reality, these lights are more efficient and perform better in cold weather than traditional ones, which tend to malfunction in low temperatures. Thus, it is crucial to understand that LEDs are reliable and efficient, even in cold weather.

They Are Not Worth The Investment

If you’re looking for a lighting option that is both durable and cost-effective, then LED lighting is worth considering. LEDs are more reliable than other types of lighting and require less maintenance. Not only that, but they also consume less energy, making them an eco-friendly and budget-friendly choice. You can use LED lights inside and outside your home, which can help you save money on your energy bill in the long run. If you’re interested in installing LED lighting in your home, it’s best to seek the help of professionals from Aqua-Bright, and we will be able to handle all of your lighting needs. 

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