Creative Outdoor Lighting for Summer Parties


For summer entertaining, the options for outdoor lighting are endless.

Summer is the perfect time to throw parties for all your friends and loved ones. Fire
up the grill and get ready for your perfect summer party! When you’re partying
outside and staying up late into those summer nights, you’ll want some light. There
are so many options out there. Here are some tips to help you find the best outdoor
lighting for your summer parties.

Pendant Lighting
Pendant lighting hangs from a ceiling above your outdoor space. This is the best
option to use if you want to show off your unique style and personality. There are
lots of ways to DIY your own pendant lighting, if you would like to try something
like that. Pendant lighting works best when hung above a seating area on a deck,
patio, or porch. They also work quite well if your outdoor space has a gazebo or
cabana. If you’re going to use pendant lights for your outdoor lighting, be sure to
hang them so that they are 18-22 inches higher than the tallest person you expect to
be in the space. This way, everyone can be comfortable and enjoy the party.
Outdoor Post Mounts
Post lighting is fun because there is such a wide variety, and they are vey
changeable. From Tiki torches for your luau pool party, to small elegant lamps to
light the way for an outdoor wedding, the outdoor lighting options are endless.
Cool Off with Outdoor Fans
Outdoor fans are a fantastic outdoor lighting solution for summer. It can get quite
hot, and there isn’t often a breeze. Turning on the fan will help you stay cool this
summer. The air movement will also help deter those flying summer pests, too!
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