Creating a Professional Look with String Lighting


String lighting can add ambiance and whimsey to any landscape or storefront.

Most people conjure up images of Christmas and Halloween when they hear ‘string lights’, but did you know that string lights can be used as an effective permanent installation for your home as well? String lights are a fun, unique approach to giving your landscape some ambiance. Here’s how and why you should consider adding string lights to your property.

Quality Lighting

When it comes to string lights, we’re not just talking the stuff you buy at the store around the holiday, either. High quality, professional grade string lights are durable and can withstand the elements for years to come. You will notice the difference immediately when you hold them in your hand, as they are heavier and require a stronger cord to hold them together. If you’ve ever worked with holiday string lights, you may have been disappointed when some of the bulbs when out prematurely. Professional grade string lights are double sealed with fuse bulb technology, meaning that the rest of the lights will stay lit even if one or two goes out. Professional string lights can be incorporated into just about any landscape.

Whimsy and Romance

The whimsy and romantic feel of string lights makes them perfectly suited for lighting a patio, especially if you’re planning a party. The great thing about string lights is that they can be hung to provide just enough illumination without blinding you and your guests. String lights also have many practical benefits. They are frequently more cost effective, versatile, and safer to operate than other lighting solutions.

String Lights for Commercial Use

String lighting isn’t just for residential properties, but also have applications in a wide variety of commercial and hospitality lighting projects. String lighting is an unexpected way to bring ambiance and illumination to businesses like bistros, cafe patios, restaurant fronts, gazebos, and storefront windows or awnings. Business that need permanent fixtures will require more durable, professional string lights that are rated for year-round use.

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