5 Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Spring Backyard Makeover

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These trends will give you the perfect, warm, inviting, moody outdoor lighting for all of your spring and summer parties.

With spring so close, it’s time to start preparing for your outdoor parties and events. While planning for your spring irrigation and drainage, it’s smart to be ahead of the game and also start thinking about the improvements you’d like to make to your outdoor lighting. Your outdoor lighting creates an atmosphere and an ambiance that should reflect your personal taste. Too bright of lighting, and your eyes will feel strained and your mind stressed. Too dim of lighting, and you’re left, literally, in the dark. You want the perfect, warm, inviting, moody outdoor lighting for your spring and summer parties. Here are a few 2018 lighting trends to consider when revamping your backyard lighting.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are an emerging trend in 2018. If you like to stay especially on-point when it comes to the style and appearance of your home, an outdoor pendant light is a great choice. The most popular pendant lights feature open, geometrical shapes that expose the light bulb inside. These glamorous statements are sure to make any backyard stand out.

String Lights

There’s a reason why string lights have been popular for so long and continue on that path. String lights make any outdoor space automatically feel warm and inviting. This is precisely the reason so many restaurants choose to feature their outdoor dining spaces with garden string lights. The romantic feeling created by outdoor string lights is unmatched.


A new take on a classic lighting method is another great idea for your backyard. Lanterns have the charm and sophistication your backyard needs. Lanterns look especially beautiful when paired with a traditional or country-style home.

LED Strips

These little fixtures might seem unnecessary, but they can create a huge difference when it comes to the ambiance of your backyard. Placing LED strips under seating or ledges around your yard makes for that warm and romantic look you get with string lights.


Uplighting may not be the newest outdoor lighting trend, but it’s still as popular as ever. This type of lighting makes your house stand out from the rest in your neighborhood. If your home sits on top of a hill, uplighting will add the elegance and glamour that will make people point to it as they drive by. Adding uplighting in the backyard is sure to enhance your home’s overall exterior appearance as well.

Outdoor Lighting with Aqua Bright

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