Types of Drainage Systems: Natural vs. Artificial

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Is there water pooling in your yard? Don’t ignore the issue! Figure out what drainage system works for you.

Are you having issues with your drainage system? Recently, we filled you in on the signs to look for that indicate you have a drainage problem – like a wet basement or pooling water in your yard, for example. This week, Aqua-Bright LLC is here to educate you on the various types of drainage systems that can address and rectify these issues. Let’s dive in.

Natural Drainage Systems

Natural drainage systems eliminate drainage issues through the use of natural systems, like ground grading. If you are struggling with pooling water at the foundation of your home, changing the ground grading should be the first approach you take for solving the problem. Adjusting the grading, or steepness, of the ground to allow water to flow away from your home is an ideal solution. You can also change the grading of your lawn to direct pooling water to a designated location. If you find that one part of your yard is particularly stubborn and constantly overflowing with water, you can consider turning it into a bog with beautiful plants. Bogs are muddy and wet, but are a great place to implement plants that specifically adapt to those conditions – such as irises and types of lilies.

Artificial Drainage Systems

Artificial drainage systems employ the help of pipes, wells, and other constructed materials to achieve a successful drainage solution. A dry well system implements the use of an underground storage container with downspouts and drains connected to it. Since the container is not completely sealed, it allows water to functionally filter back into the groundwater table. Most people prefer this system in comparison to a French drain, which directs all of the water it collects to a single place instead of dispersing it. While a French drain is still an effective drainage solution (as it directs water away from your home), it is not as environmentally friendly since the runoff can find its way to large bodies of water and cause erosion.

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