The Problem with Frozen Downspouts

Frozen Downspouts

Frozen downspouts can lead to costly problems down the line.

Frozen downspouts are a huge issue for homeowners over the course of the winter, especially in the Maryland area with the constant freeze-melt-re-freeze cycle that occurs. What is so bad about frozen downspouts and how can you prevent them from wreaking havoc on your home and yard?

How Do Downspouts Freeze?

Snow and rain don’t fall directly into downspouts, so how do they freeze? If there is any debris inside of the pipe blocking the water flow, or if the end of the downspout is blocked by debris or precipitation, freezing is incredibly common. Your downspout has several elbows along the way, and they are especially sensitive to freezing since water can accumulate there.

What Should You Do with a Frozen Downspout?

Many homeowners just leave their frozen downspouts alone to melt, and that can make a lot of sense when the temperatures are on the way up. If you plan on waiting, make sure that there will be enough time above freezing for the downspout to completely melt. If the issue is debris blocking the end of the downspout, you can also remove that and see if it fixes the problem. If neither of those sound appropriate, you should thaw your frozen downspout.
Use safety precautions when thawing frozen downspouts, especially if you will be climbing a ladder. If you are able to get on a ladder, pour warm water into the opening of the downspout. If the frozen area is only barely frozen, this will typically clear up the issue. A slightly safer option is to run hot water down the side of the downspout to help thaw the length of the pipe. Never use force to break up things inside of the pipe, as this almost always does much more harm than good.

Why are Frozen Downspouts a Costly Problem?

Many homeowners don’t realize how costly a frozen solid downspout can be for their home. If weather conditions remain below freezing for extended periods of time, the ice in your downspouts will eventually spread to your gutters. This additional weight can take a huge toll on your gutter system and lead to repairs or total replacement for damaged sections.

Aqua Bright Can Help Fix Your Frozen Downspouts

Whatever the cause of your yard’s drainage woes, the professionals at Aqua Bright can help you come up with a solution. For a consultation and to hear what we can do for you, give us a call at (410) 489-9009 or visit us online. For more information on the many irrigation and illumination services we offer, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Houzz, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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