Preparing Your Lawn for Spring and Summer Storms

As 2018 will certainly be a year well-known to be among the wettest in the Baltimore and Howard County areas with excessive rainstorms, 2019 is certainly shaping up to be quite similar. In anticipation of a potential in-flux of rainstorms throughout the Spring and Summer, here are some helpful tips on how to keep your lawn irrigation and landscape healthy and living through the inclement weather.

Potential Damage Areas

Lawn irrigation doesn’t just mean making sure your lawn is always properly watered — it also means taking the right measures to avoid flooding. The key is to single out areas when harsh winds and large of amount of rain could puddle and kill off landscaping. Trees, particularly younger ones recently planted, are more vulnerable to blowing over in high winds. Always check to make sure that their stakes are securely driven deep into the surrounding soil. While double-checking that the ties are fastened and properly secured. For older, existing trees, either cut back weaker branches that could make contact with your home, or contact a professional landscaper to make a proper assessment.

Garden Areas

Maintaining a healthy and viable lawn requires proper care and something as simple as watching it over time to note any changes – and mitigating as necessary – can be quite advantageous.

If you are growing any vegetables and a large storm is on the way, consider harvesting your fruits, plants, or vegetables, as a heavy rain or wind can water-log and/or damage your plant growth.

Take the time to properly safeguard your water garden, as well. If your outdoor areas contain beautiful hardscapes, such as a pond, consider bringing in valuable fish inside using a large water bucket. Turn off and secure fountains so that electrical cords are unplugged and rolled up and move aquatic potted plants to the base of your pond until the storm has passed. All other existing hardscapes should be covered and secured in tarps to prevent costly damage. If your lawn irrigation system has exposed parts, be sure to have them secured.

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