French Drains for Maryland Landscaping

french drainFun fact: The French drain wasn’t named for the country, but was actually named for the inventor of the drain, Henry French. It was first developed in 1859 and has since come a long way. It’s original purpose is the main one that it’s still used for today, though: draining water away from a building to somewhere more convenient for water to be. Many people use them today to avoid flooding basements and to irrigate the water closer to gardens and parts of the yard that don’t get as much water for one reason or another.
There are two types of French drains. One type uses a sump pump and is the type that is frequently installed in basements to route the water under the home rather than into the basement. The other is a more natural type of drain that simply moves the water downhill. This type uses a drain that is usually covered by rocks or gravel for a decorative effect. French drains have a few advantages that make them preferable for Maryland homeowners.

  1. Move water where you need it. Many times water will collect where you don’t want it rather than where you do. If an area of higher ground or your basement floods a lot, French drains can take the water from those areas to your garden or an under watered part of your lawn. You’ll be able to even out the water flow around your home.
  2. French drains are inexpensive. A French drain uses a lot of natural materials, so it’s not going to break the bank. You’ll very likely use pebbles or stones on top of your French drain, which can be purchased if you’re looking for uniformity in your drainage system. You can also use most rocks that are around your home, if you’ve got enough.
  3. They look nice and are easy to camouflage. The natural materials used to build French drains will help them blend into your landscape, especially if you choose rocks that are similar to the rest of your landscaping or hardscaping. Rather than being an eyesore, a French drain can add to the aesthetic (and value) of your Maryland home.

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Source: eHow, Multi-FLOW

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