How to Fix Your Old Christmas Lights

christmas lights

Is your Christmas light display in working order?

It’s the same story every year, you go to hang up last year’s Christmas lights only to discover half the bulbs are no longer working. Often times, Christmas lights will burn out the moment you unplug them, so you may not notice the problem right away. There are a couple of strategies you can take to save your old lights, it all just depends on how hands-on you’re willing to get.

Replace a Blown Fuse

If your entire string goes out, try replacing the fuse. A blown fuse will cause the whole thing to go dark, and not just parts of it. Usually, this happens when too many strings are connected end-to-end. It can also occur when wires have accidentally been stapled during installation or when the lights are too high voltage for the socket.
String lights tend to have one or two tiny fuses in a plastic box that’s attached to the prongs. Look for an opening in the plastic. Once you’ve opened it, make sure the fuse is transparent with an unbroken wired running through each one. If the fuse is black or the wire is broken, you will need to replace it. In that case, pry out the fuses with a thin screwdriver and find an exact replacement. Most Christmas lights are sold with spare fuses for this exact purpose.

Replace a Dead Bulb

For individual bulbs that have died, you can buy a Christmas light repair tool. These tools will help you find and replace bad bulbs. Sometimes, you may only need to tighten the bulb into position for it to function again. If the bulbs are still out, you can buy replacements from your hardware store. Check the packaging to determine exactly what kind of bulbs you need.

Remove Broken Sockets

If you’ve replaced a dead bulb and it still won’t light up, it could be that the socket has corroded or the wire is damaged. Use wire cutters to cut the wire on either side of the broken socket, then use a wire stripper to twist ½ inch of insulation from each cut end. Twist the two strands together and use a twist connector to hold them in place. Keep in mind that for every bulb that is removed, the remaining bulbs will burn more brightly and thus burn out faster.
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