Earth Week Tips: Solar Outdoor Lighting for Your Landscape

solar lighting

Try these solar lighting tips this spring, and you will save some energy dollars while simultaneously helping save our precious planet.

Adding solar lighting to your outdoor space is not only a great way to enhance visibility, but it is an excellent way to use energy in an environmentally-friendly way. There are many methods of reducing your energy waste, and solar outdoor lighting can be your first step. Try these solar lighting tips this spring, and you will save some energy dollars while simultaneously helping save our precious planet.

Highlight Garden Features

Solar lighting works very well as a way to highlight specific garden features. Whether you’re looking to use uplighting on certain trees or add some lanterns along a pathway, solar lighting is a great way to illuminate your outdoor space.

Look for Open Spots

When looking to add solar lighting to your landscaping, assess your landscape in its entirety. Make sure you’re adding these lights into areas that could really use some extra lighting and will enhance the overall appearance of your lawn.

Maximize Sunlight

Solar lights do not plug into electric sockets or run on replaceable batteries. They run on energy from the sun. This makes it necessary that you place your solar lights in areas where they can get as much sunlight as possible. Avoid shaded areas under trees, bushes, or your home. The only way these lights can work and be as bright as possible is if they are getting the proper amount of sunlight.

Charge Before Installation

It is a good rule of thumb to charge each solar light before installing it. You can do this by allowing each light to rest in the sunlight for 12 to 14 hours before installation. It’s also a good idea to clean each solar panel on the lights to make sure it charges fully.

Prep the Soil

There are many places around your landscape that solar lights will add a nice, bright touch. If the soil you are looking to install your lights in is hard and dry, consider watering the soil a bit the day before installation. This will soften and break up the soil, making installation all the easier. You can also break up the soil with a shovel. Be sure not to force the stake part of the solar lights into the soil too harshly. This way you’ll avoid breaking any part of your solar outdoor lights.

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